MeFaceAviI’m Jennifer.

This little playplace was created as a way to talk more about some of the books I’ve read and loved. I used to help manage a bookstore, which I really enjoyed, and I miss terribly. I’m a twitterholic (@HappyTwilighter), and love to chat. I  run a UF/PNR book club that started out local, but has grown to include online members as well. I do love our little group. In the last few years, I’ve become a convention addict. There are a few events I attend every year, and a few more I plan to get to in the future. I’m on the Urban Fantasy Track staff at DragonCon, and created the Coastal Magic Convention, which happens in Daytona each February.

I read everything from intense urban fantasy (with romantic elements), to full blown paranormal romance, to paranormal mysteries and magical realism. I love when authors can incorporate humor into their stories, and I’m always looking for the “happily ever after” (or at least “happy for now”). I have been known to read the occasional contemporary romance (I have certain “go-to” authors, and I’ll check out their recs from time to time) but I generally stick to paranormals. I have too many favorite authors to list them all.


Since I seem to keep getting myself backed up and behind in my reviews, I have recruited a little bit of help. Here are a couple of friends who love to read as much as I do, and are just as eager to share their thoughts.

– Our resident M/M expert. She created and maintains the very popular MANtasticFiction website. You can follow her on twitter for up to date info on your favorite M/M authors and new releases. (@MANtastic_Fic)


Bookophile81 – Shellie offers a broader spectrum to what we’ll be covering. She loves the same paranormals I do, but also enjoys both historical and contemporary romances without any paranormal elements. She’s a student, caregiver, and self-proclaimed Harry Potter nerd. 🙂 (@Lover_of_Books)


KellySmithReviews – ***UPDATE: Kelly has gone on to start her own site. We wish her the best of luck on her new endeavor.***

 is an avid reader who is determined to have her own library in her next house. She loves to read a LOT of different genres, however some of her favorites just might involve guys in uniforms (law enforcers, military) and cowboys!!!! A good mystery/who done it will ALWAYS win prizes with her. She loves a book that makes her think and experience a host of emotions, and will try just about anything once. Tina is on twitter at @MyBFTina


HMcCubbin began writing YA stories filled with teen angst at the age of 13. That has broadened out to Romance, Mystery and Fantasy. Heather will read just about anything, but some favorites are YA and almost-believable Paranormal stories. Her first short story “Shadows of Promise” was published in 2011 and included in the anthology “Transcendent: Tales of the Paranormal”.

You can find Heather on Facebook under “Author Heather McCubbin”, on Twitter (@AuthorHMcCubbin) and read my blog “Pushing the Pen” at:


I’m really excited and honored that these ladies have agreed to be a part of this site, and I can’t wait to hear what they’ve got to say!!