Words & Music Monday with Cassandra Clare


One more day, my lovelies!!! We’re one day away from the release of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS by Cassandra Clare, the conclusion of The Infernal Devices trilogy, and another piece in the whole Shadowhunter Chronicles puzzle. I’m so excited to find out what’s happening with Tessa, Will, Jem, Magnus, and the rest of our crew.

A while back, Cassie posted the playlist for Clockwork Princess on her site. I asked if I could share something here, to help celebrate CLOCKWORK PRINCESS’ release, and she sent me the list, but annotated it with which characters/couples the songs related to. I was excited to get to see the matchups, and I’m excited to share them with you.

Check after the listing for a way you can enter to win a copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS and a signed bookplate from Cassandra! It has to do with a character who DOESN’T MAKE IT through the book!!

cass-clareClockwork Princess playlist (and couples or characters the songs remind me of)

Libertines: Music When the Lights Go Out


Is it cruel or kind
Not to speak my mind
And to lie to you
Rather than hurt you?

And alarm bells ring
When you say your heart still sings
When you’re with me
Oh won’t you please forgive me

Snow Patrol: If There’s A Rocket Tie Me To It


And I knew the beat since it matched your own beat
I still remember it from our chest to chest and feet to feet
A fire a fire, you can only take what you can carry
A pulse your pulse, it’s the only thing I can remember
I break you don’t, I was always set to self destruct though
The fire the fire, it cracks and barks like primal music.

Bright Eyes: Perfect Sonnet

Tessa — thinking about all her choices

Lately I’ve been wishing I had only one desire
Something that would make me never want another
Something that would make it so that nothing matters
All would be clear then

Foster the People: I Would Do Anything for You

The Lightwood brothers and their love lives

Every day is a battle I face
Strange life I live
But it’s what you’ve decided
I give it all into your hands
Do what you will with me
And I’ll I smile when you speak
Remember all those times
I was hoping for something?
And shaking my head
From all that I’ve done
But you never left me

Elliot Smith: Alameda

This is really a song about addiction, so I always think of Jem.

Thinking about your friends
How you maintain all them in a constant state of suspense
For your own protection over their affection
Nobody broke your heart
You broke your own because you can’t finish what you start

Cake: Love You Madly

About knowing the people you love. Charlotte and Henry.

I don’t want to hold back
I don’t want to slip down
I don’t want to think back to the one thing that I know I
Should have done

I don’t want to doubt you
Know everything about you
I don’t want to sit across the table from you
Wishing I could run

The Weakerthans: Left and Leaving

Magnus – since his whole life is about leaving and being left by those who die.

My city’s still breathing (but barely it’s true)

Through buildings gone missing like teeth

The sidewalks are watching me think about you

Sparkled with broken glass

I’m back with scars to show

Back with the streets I know

Will never take me anywhere but here

Zero 7: Destiny

Jem and Will – “when I’m weak I draw strength from you.” Brotp!

The journey’s long, and I feel so bad.
I’m thinking back to the last day we had
Old moon fades in to the new
Soon I know I’ll be back with you
I’m nearly with you, I’m nearly with you.

When I’m weak, I draw strength from you
And when you’re lost I know how to change your mood
And when I’m down you breathe life over me
Even though we’re miles apart, we are each other’s

Exit Wounds: The Script


And it hurts so bad
That I search my skin
For the entry point
When love went in
And ricocheted
And bounced around
And left a hole when you walked out

Grizzly Bear: Knife

Gabriel & Gideon Lightwood and their troubled family

I want you to know
When I look in your eyes
With every blow
Comes another lie

clockworkprincessBlock Party: I Still Remember

Will/Tessa/Jem – so many should haves.

And I can see our days are becoming nights.
I could feel your heartbeat across the grass.
We should have run.
I would go with you anywhere.
I should have kissed you by the water

You should have asked me for it
I would have been brave
You should have asked me for it
How could I say no?

Of Montreal: Wraith Pinned to the Mist

Spoilery, but about the conundrum of being immortal when the person you love isn’t

Maybe I’ll never die,

I’ll just keep growing younger with you,

And you’ll grow younger, too.

Now it seems too lovely to be true

But I know the best things always do.

Regina Spektor: All the Rowboats

Jem and his violin :)

But the most special are the most lonely,
God, I pity the violins

Passion Pit: The Reeling


And all at once i feel this, oh how it clings to me
it reels and calls me towards it, confounding destiny
and i can feel the madness inch by inch
the more i run the more i am convinced
a color all these like the branches glimpse
just like the saddle in the foggy mist

Yo La Tengo: Tears are In Your Eyes


Although you don’t believe me, you are strong
Darkness always turns into the dawn
And you won’t even remember this for long
When it ends all right

Modest Mouse: Ocean Breathes Salty

This one is about a character who doesn’t make it. :)

Your body may be gone, I’m gonna carry you in.
In my head, in my heart, in my soul.
And maybe we’ll get lucky and we’ll both live again.
Well I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know.

Airborne Toxic Event: Wishing Well


So you stand on the corner
Where the angels sit
And you think to yourself,
“This is it, this is it,
This is all that I have
This is all ll I can stand

Sufjan Stevens: Casimir Pulaski Day


In the morning in the winter shade
On the first of March, on the holiday
I thought I saw you breathing

All the glory that the Lord has made
And the complications when I see His face
In the morning in the window

All the glory when He took our place
But He took my shoulders and He shook my face
And He takes and He takes and He takes.


So… can you picture those songs with those characters??? Big thank you to Cassie for sharing her matchups with us!!!

ShadowhuntersandDownworldersNOW… there’s one song listed that’s about a character who DOESN’T MAKE IT through the book!!!! We all know Cassie revels in breaking our hearts almost as much as she does in making them smile. So, lets have a little fun with this before the poor person’s demise. Who do YOU think the song is about??? Comment below with the NAME of the character you think the song is about, and your prize choice ONLY. Please do NOT include any other information about the story or the character… JUST their name. Comments are open for this until midnight EASTERN. This way there’s no chance that people who’ve already read it can enter. The winner will be chosen randomly from all those who guess the correct character. Drawing will be no later than March 23rd, and winner will be notified no later than March 24th. Winner will receive EITHER a print copy of CLOCKWORK PRINCESS or a print copy of SHADOWHUNTERS AND DOWNWORLDERS and a signed bookplate from Cassandra!!

So… let the speculation begin!! Good Luck!!

CITY OF BONES!!! Teaser Trailer and Giveaway


Yes, folks… it’s November, and we have to wait until AUGUST, but at least we’ve now got a teaser trailer for the movie adaptation of Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF BONES (The Mortal Instruments, #1)!!!! I know, I know… the movies are NEVER as good as the books, and I’m sure we’ll all have a lovely grumble about the many things that they shoulda done differently. But for now… I’m just gonna sit here and watch the teaser trailer…. again… and again… and maybe one more time, lol…

SOOOOOOOOO… what do YOU THINK???? What’s your favorite part of the trailer?? Does anything surprise you in it? Is your favorite part of the book in there?? I can’t wait to hear how you all like it :-) (I’m gonna go watch it again, while you’re all thinking about it, lol…)

If you have NOT read the books (I’m shaking my head and looking at you sternly right now…) add “I want to win City of Bones” to your comment about the trailer. One person will be randomly selected to win book one in The Mortal Instruments series (print or ebook, international). Contest ends at midnight, pacific, tonight, November 15th. ::Warning:: You’re gonna be on your own for the rest of the series, and trust me… you’re GOING TO NEED THE REST… so start saving your pennies… and GOOD LUCK!!

A “Few Of My Favorite Things” For The Holidays

Hello there! Christmas is a time for giving, right? The authors we love give us fantastic stories all year long, so I thought I’d give some of my new favorites to YOU for the holiday! We’re having have a week-long holiday contest, each day with a different prize pack of books from this year. All you have to do to enter is comment with the day’s drawing you want to be entered in and your email address so I can notify you if you win. You can request to be included in as many of the daily drawings as you wish, but you can only win once. You’ll get one entry for your request, and one entry if you tweet or blog about this contest. (Maximum of 2 entries per daily drawing.) Please include the link to the blog or the tweet in the comments, so I can make sure everyone gets their extra entry. (I would love if you all would subscribe as well, but it’s not necessary to enter.)

Daily prizes are:

SUNDAY 12/19: Hunger by Jackie Morse Kessler, and Into The Dark by Gena Showalter

MONDAY 12/20:  Atlantis Betrayed by Alyssa Day *autographed*, and Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins

TUESDAY 12/21: Matched (ARC) by Ally Condie, and My Way To Hell by Dakota Cassidy

WEDNESDAY 12/22: Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare *with autographed bookplate, autographed Mortal Instruments preview comic, and rune tattoos*, and Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen

THURSDAY 12/23: Killing Me Softly by Maggie Shayne *autographed*, and Shadow of the Vampire by Megan Hatfield

FRIDAY 12/24: Nightshade (ARC) by Andrea Cremer, and Blood of the Demon by Diana Rowland

SATURDAY 12/25: Stork by Wendy Delsol *with autographed bookplate*, and Night Myst by Yasmine Galenorn

Winners will be chosen at midnight, pacific each night, and emailed. The winner will have one week to respond with mailing address or a replacement will be chosen. Prizes are as listed, and cannot be substituted. International entries are welcome :-) I’ll be sending out all the prizes the week after Christmas. I really hope you all enjoy these books. They’re some of my favorites from this year and I would love to hear what you think of them.

Happy Holidays to you all from the crew here at Books Make Me Happy!! We hope you spend your time making happy memories.

~Jennifer, Dolorianne, Shellie

Review: Clockwork Angel (Infernal Devices #1) by Cassandra Clare

Author: Cassandra Clare
Format: Hardcover, ebook
Pages: 496
Original Release Date: August 31, 2010
ISBN #: 978-1416975861

Imagine for one moment that you are in a strange country, where you know absolutely no one. Your brother is supposed to be there, but no one seems to know where he is. You are held captive and his life is being threatened to keep you compliant. Welcome to Tessa Grey’s life. Tessa is the main character in Cassandra Clare’s newest Shadowhunter book, Clockwork Angel.

Some of the new characters that you will meet are part of the London Institute. Charlotte Branwell, and her husband Henry, run the Institute. They live there with William Herondale, Jem Carstairs and Jessamine Lovelace. In The Mortal Instruments, the readers get to see that the Shadowhunters living in the Institute have an adoptive family dynamic. This same dynamic is true for Clockwork Angel. Charlotte is the definite mother of the group, and Will, Jem and Jessamine look up to her as such. Charlotte even shows the pain a mother knows when she feels her children pulling away from her. As a fan of The Mortal Instruments series, I was ecstatic when I found out that Ms. Clare was working on another series of books that predates that story. I enjoyed getting to meet new characters, most of whom are ancestors of the characters from The Mortal Instruments. I can see parallels between Will and Jace and also Jessamine and Isabella.

As with The Mortal Instruments, Clockwork Angel is action packed. This time the Shadowhunters are fighting more than just demons. They are going up against something that could turn out to be their destruction. However, the fighting is not just against outside forces. Tessa battles with herself as she learns who she is and what happened to her brother. She also battles to be accepted in a world she doesn’t belong in.

The book was a quick read, and I would recommend having a weekend to finish the whole thing because once you start it you will not want to put it down. All the characters were fleshed out very nicely and they interacted with each other with a great chemistry. Any fan of Cassandra’s books knows that she loves adding romantic tension to the story, and we love the way she does it. This story has a romantic triangle that’s had people picking “teams” for months. I, personally, can’t help but root for Tessa to choose Jem. I think he is good for her because he is so gentle and tries to listen to her. Will is the typical brooding my-life-is-so-messed-up-no-one-can-understand-me-man. Most of the time I wanted to slap him. Other times he made me weak kneed. I think if Tessa was to end up with Will, she would really have to be on her guard and make it clear that she will not tolerate any of his childish brooding.

I think it was brilliant of Cassandra to include scenes of Will letting his guard down, especially with Jem and a couple of times with Tessa, to show the readers that will is not all bad. I cannot actually think of any scenes that made the story drag. That being said, there were moments that made me gasp in shock and anticipation. There were even some moments that made me teary eyed. Most of all the story made me laugh.

Most of the time when I turn the last page of a book I will sit there with the book across my chest absorbing what I’ve just finished reading. Clockwork Angel was no exception. I will patiently await Clockwork Prince. To Cassandra, I would like to say…amazing job! I can’t wait to read what comes next!!

************************BREAKING NEWS******************************

(haha, I’ve always wanted to say that, lol.)

Yesterday, Cassie and the lovely people over at Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life revealed the cover of the next book in the The Mortal Instruments series, City of Fallen Angels!!! The cover is the brainchild of Cassie’s input and request, and the artistic talents of Cliff Nielsen (who is responsible for the rest of the series’ amazing covers, as well).  Here’s the beautiful next installment of the Shadowhunters Saga: The Mortal Instruments Cycle Two: Book 1 – City of Fallen Angels

The EW Shelf Life reveal video can be found HERE. Cassie blogged about the cover reveal, and some of her favorite aspects of the cover on her website HERE… and made some comments about the design choices from her twitter account  HERE.  I, for one, absolutely LOVE the cover, and can’t wait until April when we get our hands on the real live book!! What are YOUR thoughts on the cover?

 – Jennifer

Clockwork Angel Release Party!!

Well Hello There!!!

Just for the record, I’ll be reading Clockwork Angel over the weekend and will have the review posted early next week! I can’t wait to hear what you all think of it. (Aside from the “it’s awesome” that we’ll all be professing, I’m sure.)

For now… I wanted to share a little bit about the party we had at my work (Books-A-Million) last night!

Not as many people as I had hoped for, but the store is still fairly new, and we’ve just recently started hosting events. I think it’s safe to say that those that DID come had a good time. I know I had a blast!

In addition to trivia and quote contests, both earning raffle tickets for correct answers and very cool prizes, we had “fun with runes”! We had a Rune Matching checklist, followed by a Create Your Own Rune activity. Most of the creations are pictured below:



Winners of the contests and raffles received books donated by YA authors like Maggie Stiefvater and Andrea Cremer. Cassandra and her publishing company, Simon and Schuster, were also VERY generous with their donations. We had posters, journals, temporary tattoos, autographed bookplates, autographed Mortal Instruments comics, and other things to give away. The two grand prize winners received an ARC copy of Clockwork Angel, and a beautiful, metallic *Limited Edition* Clockwork Angel pendant. (To get stunning, Mortal Instruments jewelry, approved by Cassandra, go HERE)

At the end of our shin-dig… I played a part of Cassandra’s August 4th uStream video (you can watch the whole thing HERE or look for info on her website, HERE) where she announces the NEXT TWO BOOKS!! That’s right, the Shadowhunters Series will have a total of 9 books!! (Pardon me while I do my dance of joy. *dances*) The original Mortal Instruments Trilogy will be Cycle One, then we’ll have the books in the Infernal Devices Trilogy and the Mortal Instruments Trilogy: Cycle Two taking turns for the next few years. In the video, Cassandra also talks about the status of the Mortal Instruments movie, gives details on the release dates of books, and answers viewers questions.

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU… to Cassandra, Simon & Schuster, BAM, and the other YA authors who donated items, for all you did to make this such a fun evening. And THANK YOU to those who came to have fun with us! Hope to see you for the next party!