Guest Post: Social Media Disclosure by Laurie London

Thanks, Jennifer, for having me on today!

The third book in the Sweetblood series, Tempted By Blood, just came out. This is Jackson and Arianna’s story.

If you’ve read the other books, you’ll remember Jackson. (Don’t worry if you haven’t as I wrote them to stand alone.) He’s the playboy, the charmer of the Seattle area Guardians, who are sworn to protect humans from Darkbloods. But he’s hiding a terrible secret. One that, if anyone finds out about, will threaten not only his job but his life. His blood and energy needs have been steadily increasing and he worries that if things continue, he’ll soon revert back to the ways of his violent ancestors. And as a Guardian, that means a death sentence.

Arianna Wells, the human woman he falls in love with, is also hiding a secret. In addition to her job as a graphic artist at Xtark Software, she also runs a paranormal blog that she keeps hidden from her employer. ( If they find out she has a blog and didn’t tell them, they’ll fire her. Several years ago, she made the mistake of not hiding her identity, which had disastrous consequences, so she learned her lesson.

Although I don’t work as a computer programmer (I used to be a systems tester and did some programming), I have friends here in the Seattle area who work in the software industry. Several have told me stories of employers who demanded they turn over their social media passwords because they wanted to make sure their employees weren’t sharing company secrets. That’s how I got the idea that Arianna could lose her job if they found out she had a blog she didn’t tell them about.

On that same note, this article was circulating around Facebook the other day.

It’s exactly what Arianna went through at Xtark. Jerks!

If a potential employer told you to turn over your social media passwords and you really needed the job, would you do it or would you lie like Arianna did and say you didn’t have a blog (or FB, Twitter, etc.)?

I’m giving away a copy of Tempted By Blood to one random commenter.

Laurie can be found online here:

Review: Bonded By Blood (Sweetblood Series, #1) by Laurie London

Author: Laurie London
Others In Series: Hidden by Blood (# 1.5, novella), Embraced By Blood (#2, coming June 21, 2011)
Format: MM paperback, ebook
Pages: 378
Original Release Date: January 18, 2011
ISBN #: 978-0373775446
FTC Disclaimer: I purchased this book.

Bonded by Blood starts out with the characters in a cemetary. By the end of chapter one, the hero had been shot by the bad guys, the heroine had been attacked by the hero (O.o!!), and he was carrying her off to (at this point) parts unknown!! Now THAT’S the way to start a story.

Mackenzie Foster-Shaw belongs to a family plagued by heartache. With a history of family members simply disappearing, she lives her life free of many “traditional” attachments, just in case she’s the next one to go missing. Dominic Serrano is a Guardian, a member of the vampire race who protects humans from “Darkbloods”, those of his kind that hunt them. Unfortunately for Mackenzie, she’s got what vampires call “sweetblood”, something in her system creates an almost irresistable attraction to her blood. Humans with sweetblood are targeted and drained, their blood sold like a drug on the street. It makes her a prime target for the Darkbloods, and a top priority for Dom.

I really loved the way this story was put together. The action is there right from the start, the threat is known, but once Mackenzie and Dom meet, the spotlight is on them. Building their relationship is the main focus for a good part of the first half of the book. Now, that’s not to say that the threat goes away, or disappears from the story, it doesn’t, but there was time given for the couple to go from strangers to lovers, and for me to really care about them.

Then… all hell breaks loose!

The Darkbloods are evil. Evil in a way that gave me chills.

I love discovering new vampire stories, and learning a new author’s take on the mythology. This was no exception. There were a lot of “traditional” characteristics, and a few new ideas that made for some pretty impressive scenes. Overall, I was drawn in to the book from the get-go, and it didn’t let me down. And, for those of you who might make a comparison (like I did) to another story of a vampire drawn to a woman with “sweetblood”, let me just say, this is not YA, and there is no fade-to-black in Laurie’s world. Wowza!!

I’m really looking forward to the second book in this series, Embraced by Blood. Given what happens at the end of this book, I have some theories, and I CAN’T WAIT to see if I’m right. Luckily, I don’t have to wait long! This is definitely a series I’ll be keeping up with.

Laurie’s spending some time talking about what’s making her happy, and answering YOUR questions today!! Click HERE to see her feature. One commenter/questioner will be randomly drawn to win Bonded by Blood prizes! Ane be sure to check back on June 20th for my review of Embraced by Blood, and a chance to win MORE Sweetblood swag!!

“BLANK” Makes Me Happy with Laurie London

Hello again, my lovely book people. For today’s “BLANK” Makes Me Happy feature we get to chat a bit with Sweetblood Series author, Laurie London! I really, really enjoy the way she’s telling her vampire story, and hope you all have either read Bonded by Blood, or have it on your TBR list. Trust me, it’s a debut that will grab you, and a series you don’t want to miss! (You can read my review of Bonded by Blood HERE.)

Here’s a little list Laurie gave of things that are making her smile these days…

  • The way my horse smells when I press my nose to her neck
  • Roasted marshmallows that are golden, not black
  • Khal on A Game of Thrones
  • Turning over my PTA binders to the person taking over the job next year
  • Sitting in a cafe at a bookstore
  • Salt caramels
  • Waking up early before anyone else
  • Having my dog lay on my feet as I write
  • The sound of my husband’s laugh
  • Watching a hummingbird feed from my fuchsia

Laurie will be popping in and out today to answer questions about herself, and her series. One random commenter/questioner will win an AUTOGRAPHED copy of book 2 in the Sweetblood Series, Embraced by Blood!! And I’m also going to throw in a custom, Sweetblood inspired book-thong, created by Mandy at Stupid Shiny Designs!

To kick off the questioning… here are a few things I’d like to know…

1) Did you read the Song of Fire and Ice series before the show started? If not, do you plan on reading them?

2)  What’s the hardest part of a story to write for you? The beginning, the end, the romance, the action scenes? How do you get through those parts?

3) How many books do you envision for this series? I can think of at least three stories that can come from the information we were given in Bonded by Blood. Obviously book two is done… how much further do you plan to go with these characters?

Ok… that’s my start… I’m sure I’ll have more questions  before the end of the day, lol. What do YOU want to know??