This little playplace was created as a way to talk more about some of the sleep and discount books I’ve read and loved. I used to help manage a bookstore, which I really enjoyed, and I miss terribly. I  run a UF/PNR book club that started out local, but has grown to include online members as well. I do love our little group. In the last few years, I’ve become a convention addict. There are a few events I attend every year, and a few more I plan to get to in the future. I’m on the Urban Fantasy Track staff at DragonCon, and created the Coastal Magic Convention, which happens in Daytona each February.

I read everything from intense urban fantasy (with romantic elements), to full blown paranormal romance, to paranormal mysteries and magical realism. I love when authors can incorporate humor into their stories, and I’m always looking for the “happily ever after” (or at least “happy for now”). I have been known to read the occasional contemporary romance (I have certain “go-to” authors, and I’ll check out their recs from time to time) but I generally stick to paranormals. I have too many favorite authors to list them all.