Is Stripe a payment gateway?

Stripe creates the most powerful and flexible online commerce tools. Whether you’re creating a subscription service, on-demand market, e-commerce store, or crowdfunding platform, carefully designed Stripe APIs and unmatched functionality help create the best product for users. Is Stripe a payment gateway?

What does Stripe do?

Stripe (founded in 2011) is a payment gateway, acting as an intermediary for merchants and relevant credit card / financial institution networks to authorize and accept payments.

The complexities of these relationships can be quite complicated. A simple way to look at the payment gate is an envoy who directs information between buyers and banks.

Payment gateway is not the only solution for accepting online payments, but it is one of the easier options to get started.

Because unlike the payment processor, the gates provide your armed guards with the financial data needed to travel between credit card networks, your client and your store.

In other words, in most scenarios this can help eliminate PCI compliance. And if you decide to take the route to the gate, you will come across Stripe and Paypal again and again. There are many other payment gateways, such as Authorize.Net, 2Checkout, Braintree (belonging to Paypal), but Stripe and PayPal are by far the two easiest to use.

Is Stripe a payment gateway?

Saved credit cards

Make purchases on your site seamlessly, allowing customers to choose from previously used cards. Customers can securely save their credit cards thanks to our Stripe integration, ensuring trouble-free shopping when they return to your store.

In addition, all customers can add, remove and modify their saved cards by logging into their account on the site. This makes the purchasing process faster and easier, saving customers time and more money. To ensure constant protection of customer data, Stripe securely stores and presents information so that no confidential data is stored on your site.

Customer service

Customer service is crucial to any service and is no less important when it comes to choosing the best payment gateway. If you run into a problem, you can’t wait hours for customer service until your business is suffering, right?

Currently, PayPal provides customer service via phone calls, emails and you can post questions in their online forum.

When it comes to customer service, Stripe provides more support options than PayPal. You can contact them by phone, email or chat with their agent in an online chat. You can also ask general questions in the support forum if you want, and if you need technical support you can use their IRC channel for immediate help



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